Course of Study

The school prepares pupils for the ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education)  Examination. The Examination are taken at the end of the Std X

For the ICSE Examination the following Subjects have to be studied:

  1. English Language and Literature.
  2. Second Language Hindi (UKG to Std VII) Kannada/Hindi (Std. VIII to Std. X)
  3. Third Language Kannada (Std. I to Std. VII)
  4. Mathematics (Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry)
  5. Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
  6. History, Civics and Geography
  7. Electives (Computer Applications, Economic Applications or Home Science)
  8. Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) forms and important activity for Std. V to Std. X; Community Service for Std. VIII – Std. X.

Computer Applications, a sixth subject for the ICSE Examination is being offered as an alternate elective to Economic Applications/Home Science. However, it is a compulsory subject from Std. I to Std. VII and Std. VIII to Std. X (State Syllabus) in order to initiate pupils into the basics of Computer Applications. Pupils taking the ICSE Examination will answer the Theory Paper for 80 marks and will have an Internal Assessment for 20 marks on Project Work, Practical or Class Assignments. Internal Examination for the 6th subject will be for 50 marks.