School Activities

Religion and Moral Science classes are conducted twice a week to instill religious and moral values among our students. Retreat, Meditation, Eucharistic Celebration and other Sacramental Services are compulsory for all the Catholic Students.
Physical Education and Games are compulsory for all the students in the school and exemption is granted only on medical grounds. The school team also participates in the Inter- School Athletics and Games Tournaments.
Elocution, Debate, Art, Choir, Little Angels, Guides, Holy Childhood, YSM, ECO Club, Civic Club, Charlian Bees, Cosco Kids and Inter House Games and Activities from a large part of the year’s co-curricular activities.
Leadership Training, Career Guidance, Life Skills, Aptitude Learning, Family Life Education, Respect for Life, etc. Are incorporated into the curriculum and imparted to the students.
National, State and Inter-Religious Festivals are celebrated so as to appreciate the diversified culture and religion in our country and to instil the spirit of patriotism and tolerance among our students.
Field Trips, Exposure Programmes like visiting and schools/ centres for the physically, mentally and socially challenged people, destitute homes and slums are an integral part of the curriculum for awareness and sensitization to the major social issues and inherited inequalities.
Parent- Teacher Association meetings/ programmes are conducted for the benefit of the entire school community and to foster mutual trust and collaboration among all the stakeholders of the institution.