To inspire every child who is a gift from God to be good, smart and a pride to the human race.


Our educational Institution is an inspiration from Fr. Adrien Bresy to impart holistic education for the overall development of the child.


Toil, Faith and Progress

Code of Conduct:

All the students are expected to treat the members of the staff both teaching and non-teaching and their fellow students with respect and courtesy both in and outside the school.

Every student must aim to achieve excellence in both curricular and co-curricular activities.

Every child must participate in the various clubs, activities, events, seminars and workshops organized by the institution and contribute towards its success.
All the students are expected to promote communal harmony and maintain a sense of unity, integrity and harmony among them. No religious attire is allowed to be worn in the school campus.

Resorting to any kind of malpractice during the Test/Examinations will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely.

It is strictly prohibited to carry any kind of electronic gadgets, narcotic substances, slam books, obscene articles, magazines or valuables to school. If a student is found possessing any such article, it will be confiscated and never returned to the child.

No posters are to be pasted or fixed anywhere in the school. Any writing or scribbling on the walls will attract disciplinary measures against the student.