Principal’s Message

St. Charles Girls’ High School ICSE ,Lingarajapuram is a vibrant, well respected and impressive school. The school teaches the values of Diversity, Success , Creativity and innovative thinking that are the hallmark of a quality education. 

Students are provided with numerous opportunities to practice their abilities by developing and applying knowledge and skills. These qualities enable them to  participate actively in society , to develop their leadership qualities and to contribute to each aspect of their wellbeing. Students, teachers and parents collaborate and empower their wards to make their aspirations a reality.         

It is hard to believe that the First Term has run its course. The staff and students have returned from a couple of days of relaxation with a renewed mind and body.

It is a moment of celebration as we witness and reflect on our accomplishments to this day . I express my deepest gratitude to the staff and students for their hard work, commitment and flexibility in adapting to the shift from  virtual class to physical classrooms.

The Various activities in  academic, sporting, artistic and music events highlight the many talents and gifts of our students who should be proud of their achievements and commended for their commitment and hard work. The success of these events and celebrations is the result of the support that they have received from their families and the staff who have enabled them to develop their skills, utilise their innate ability to serve and showcase their gifts and talents.

They are a hallmark of our unique identity as a school and the quality of our staff.

I wish all students a warm welcome and  the  best of  luck for the term to come , as we start the academic session on Monday, October 17th .